Happy hour for moose

I’m wallowing in models and data – emissions scenarios for C-ROADS and very interesting vehicle fleet data from a modeling project in support of a state climate plan. Hopefully I can share some of the latter at some point, when the dust settles.

A nice break was provided by these two visitors, right on schedule for the annual ravaging of a crabapple tree in our yard.



That’s a cow and her baby. Mama is really big – bigger than our 1200lb draft-cross horse anyway.


I went out in the woods yesterday to find tracks of the coyote who kept me up all night by howling outside my window. I found them, but more interesting was this:Chomp

Enter hapless bunny, stage left. He hops along for a bit, then a hawk swoops down and gobbles him up. Notice the wingtip print at right, and lack of further bunny prints.