Urban Dynamics

This is an updated version of Urban Dynamics, the classic by Forrester et al.

John Richardson upgraded the diagrams and cleaned up a few variable names that had typos.

I added some units equivalents and fixed a few variables in order to resolve existing errors. The model is now free of units errors, except for 7 warnings about use of dimensioned inputs to lookups (not uncommon practice, but it would be good to normalize these to suppress the warnings and make the model parameterization more flexible). There are also some runtime warnings about lookup bounds that I have not investigated (take a look – there could be a good paper lurking here).

Behavior is identical to that of the original from the standard Vensim distribution.

Urban Dynamics 2010-06-14.vpm

Urban Dynamics 2010-06-14.mdl

Urban Dynamics 2010-06-14.vmf

1 thought on “Urban Dynamics”

  1. Hi!

    Can anybody help me to adapt this urban model to specific town and simplify it?I’m a student.I’ve got a task to make model of sustainable development of my own town.I’m an amateur in Vensim but I need it as fast as possible.I will not do this task in time if i’ll puzzle out this model by myself. I need help!)

    Thank you!

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