Vensim Model Documentation Tool

Ignacio Martinez (U Chicago/Argonne, Vensim distributor, and all around nice guy) has developed a nifty tool that exploits Vensim’s open text file format and .dll to make very thorough, browsable model documentation.

It’s incredibly simple to use. Just unzip the archive, fire up the .exe, and point it at a model (.mdl format; it’ll also read some information out of an accompanying published .vpm, if there is one, but that’s not needed):

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Java Vensim helper

MIT’s Climate Collaboratorium has posted java code that it used to wrap C-LEARN as a web service using the multicontext .dll. If you’re doing something similar, you may find the code useful, particularly the VensimHelper class. The liberal MIT license applies. However, be aware that you’ll need a license for the Vensim multicontext .dll to go with it.