Vensim Model Documentation Tool

Ignacio Martinez (U Chicago/Argonne, Vensim distributor, and all around nice guy) has developed a nifty tool that exploits Vensim’s open text file format and .dll to make very thorough, browsable model documentation.

It’s incredibly simple to use. Just unzip the archive, fire up the .exe, and point it at a model (.mdl format; it’ll also read some information out of an accompanying published .vpm, if there is one, but that’s not needed):

It creates a set of html documentation in your model’s directory, with nifty features like the following:

A master table of results

A list of overly-complex equations

A table of variable usage in model views (very useful for finding hidden structure)

A hyperlinked equation listing, with various ordering options

You can download it here.¬† Be aware that this is unsupported beta software, so use at your own risk (I don’t think there is any, but I think I need to say that).

Update: a new version: Even newer: SDM-Doc (note: having a bit of trouble with it, so you might want to stick with the v17 link for the moment)


Latest and greatest:

This is now hosted as an open source project at; see for the latest.

9 thoughts on “Vensim Model Documentation Tool”

  1. I am a PhD student. I need to use system dynamic for my research. Can I free download or SDM-Doc (Vensim model documentation tool)
    thanks a lot

  2. We are looking for someone to make a Vensim model and I was wondering if you’re up for the job and how much it would cost. You may contact me via the email address here. Thank you!

  3. I am using free vensim ple software. How do I see the Vensim equation of a published model (with the software) in the software?

    1. You should be able to click on any variable using the equation tool and see/edit the equation, as you would in any normal .vmf or .mdl format model. These .vpm published models do not use any security features to lock up the code.

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