Finding MIT SD theses

15,000 MIT theses are online at Dspace, including some SD classics. The trick is finding things. Searching for terms like “system dynamics” is often unhelpful. You might try some of the following authors:

  • Bent Bakken
  • Ernst Diehl
  • Rogelio Oliva
  • Anjali Sastry
  • David Ford
  • Nathan Forrester
  • James Hines
  • Nathaniel Mass
  • John Sterman
  • Henry Taylor
  • Christian Kampmann
  • Daniel Kim
  • Nelson Repenning
  • John Morecroft
  • Mark Paich
  • Peter Senge
  • David Peterson
  • Robert Eberlein
  • Alan Graham
  • Tom Fiddaman*
  • Paulo Goncalves
  • Laura Black
  • Bradley Morrison
  • Hazhir Rahmandad
  • Jeroen Struben

*You can get my dissertation from MIT as above or in one piece from my web site.
These are just the dissertations that jump to mind or sit on my bookshelf and which are recent enough to have been scanned by MIT libraries. If you see an omission, or there’s a better list somewhere, or you know where to find the equivalent from other universities, I’d appreciate knowing about it.

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