Next Generation Climate Policy Models

Today I’m presenting a talk at an ECF workshop, Towards the next generation of climate policy models. The workshop’s in Berlin, but I’m staying in Montana, so my carbon footprint is minimal for this one (just wait until next month …). My slides are here: Towards Next Generation Climate Policy Models.

I created a set of links to supporting materials on

Update Workshop materials are now on a web site here.

2 thoughts on “Next Generation Climate Policy Models”

  1. Hi
    I looked at the slides and it seems to have been a very interesting presentation. I am very interested in these modelling questions. Wish you had your presentation on video or audio.
    All the best
    Anders Vesterberg

  2. I wish I had a copy too – I delivered it by Webex, so I had the capacity to record, but unfortunately I forgot to push the button. Well, I probably talked too much anyway, so perhaps its best left to the imagination. – Tom

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