April Fools in the MT Legislature

I was planning an April Fool’s Day post to mock the Montana legislature, but I really can’t top what’s actually been going on in Helena over the past few days. One bar-owning legislator proposed rolling back DUI laws, to preserve the sacred small town rite of driving home drunk from the bar. The same day, they seriously debated putting the state on the gold standard, which drew open laughter and an amendment to permit paying state transactions in coal. The gold bugs, who fancy themselves constitutional scholars, evidently weren’t around when the proposal to assert eminent domain power over federal lands was drafted. I could go on and on… It’s troubling, because I keep getting my news reader feed mixed up with The Onion.

A comment at the Bozeman Daily Chronicle captured widespread sentiment around here better than I can:

Hey members of the house- Thanks for wasting our money. Try to do something productive up there instead of making all Montanans look like a bunch of idiots. If I was as worthless as you I’d kick my own a_$. Put that in your cowboy code…

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