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I’m at the 30th Balaton Group meeting this week. A group of us just put our heads together to think about online approaches to teaching and sharing systems thinking and systems modeling. The basic question was, if you needed thousands of systems thinkers in a hurry, how could you scale up systems education quickly?

My list of interesting things people might want to do online:

  • Model building
    • Group model building (in the spirit of SUNY Albany work)
    • Collaborative modeling (e.g., a distributed team working on federated modules of a model, but not necessarily involving the client and group conceptualization processes)
    • Collaborative causal loop diagramming
    • Model code sharing and reuse
  • Model consumption
    • Online games (playing through a simulation in real time) – possibly multiplayer
    • Online simulations (interactive experimentation with a model) – possibly with a social aspect as at Climate Colab

Much can already be done through online model services like Forio and other means. However, I think there’s a lot more to be done. In particular, we’re weak on providing shared model transparency and quality control for any but the simplest models.

Some interesting systems & sustainability online learning links that came up in the conversation:

3 thoughts on “Sharing Systems”

  1. Tom,

    Insight Maker is the only web based modeling environment I’m aware of that provides for simultaneous multi-user model development. If you are aware of another I’d really be interested.

    Also, I became sufficiently fascinated with Salman Khan’s work at Khan Academy that I’ve started transforming the following SystemsWiki pages into videos Hopefully I get better at it soon because at the outset I suck!

    I was pleased to see that SystemsWiki and Insight Maker made the list.

    be well,

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