Dynamics of Dictatorship

I’m preparing for a talk on the dynamics of dictatorship or authoritarianism, which touches on many other topics, like polarization, conflict, terror and insurgency, and filter bubbles. I thought I’d share a few references, in the hope of attracting more. I’m primarily interested in mathematical models, or at least conceptual models that have clearly-articulated structure->behavior relationships.

From the SDR & SD Conference Proceedings

The sociopolitical destabilization of Venezuela

The dynamics of ethnic terrorism

Rethinking the Conflict Trap (Columbia)

Farmers, Bandits and Soldiers – SDR or Conference

Other model-oriented literature

Several people have mentioned Peter Turchin’s Historical Dynamics

The logic of authoritarian bargains

Taking to the streets

The authoritarian dynamic

Authoritarian reversals and democratic consolidation

Democracy Diffusion

An informational theory of the new authoritarianism

Power sharing and leadership dynamics

Stay tuned for more on this topic.

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