Modeling Chronic Wasting Disease

I’ve been too busy to post much lately, because I’ve been busy with projects in city energy planning, web interfaces, and chronic wasting disease (CWD) in deer, plus a lot of Vensim and Ventity testing.

I’m hoping to write a little more about CWD, because it’s very interesting (and very nasty). We’ve been very successful at blending Structured Decision Making (SDM) with SD modeling in Wisconsin’s 10-yr plan review. We’ve been able to use models live in a rather diverse stakeholder group, including non-modelers. The model has worked well as a shared thinking tool, triggering some really good discussions, without getting mired in black-box problems.

The video below is from an “under the hood” session that looked into the details of the model for an interested subset of participants, so it’s probably nerdier than other more policy-oriented discussions, but also of greater interest to modelers I hope.

I’ll have more to say about SD in CWD policy and the marriage of SD and SDM soon, I hope.

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