Knowing Sooner

SEED magazine recently published an article on models for managing complex systems. In it, I talk about the C-ROADS experience. It nicely captures the punchline:

having the capacity to accurately predict the utility of proposed policy—whether it be domestic legislature or multilateral agreements—in real time while discussions are ongoing, opens the door for an entirely new way to enact policy.

I get too much credit for C-ROADS in the article; here are some of the people who really made it happen:

CI teamThe ClimateInteractive team: Travis Franck, Drew Jones, Stephanie McCauley, Phil Sawin, Beth Sawin, and Lori Siegel. Many other partners have also been instrumental, including John Sterman (MIT), Peter Senge (SOL), and really too many others to mention.

Leaders for a New Climate: Systems Thinking and the C-ROADS Simulation workshop

Oct 19-21, 2010 — Boston Mass USA

Climate Interactive and SEED Systems are offering a powerful three-day workshop for innovative climate, energy, and sustainability leaders from business, non-profit, government, and university sectors, led by Drew Jones and Sara Schley.

Attend to develop your capacities in:

• Systems thinking: Causal loop and stock-flow diagramming.

• Leadership: Vision, reflective conversation, consensus building.

• Computer simulation: Using and leading policy-testing with the C-ROADS/C-Learn simulation.

• Policy development: Attendees will play the World Climate exercise.

• Climate, energy, and sustainability strategy: Reflections and insights from international experts.

• Business success stories: What’s working in the new low carbon economy and implications for you.

• Building your network of people sharing aspirations for climate progress.

We will stay connected and collaborate to accelerate progress.

For more information and to register please visit