Climate CoLab Contest

The Climate CoLab is an interesting experiment that combines three features,

  • Collaborative simulation modeling (including several integrated assessment models and C-LEARN)
  • On-line debates
  • Collective decision-making

Together these create an infrastructure for collective intelligence that gets beyond the unreal rhetoric that pervades many policy debates.

The CoLab is launching its 2010 round of policy proposal contests:

To members of the Climate CoLab community,

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Climate CoLab contest, as well as a major upgrade of our software platform.

The contest will address the question: What international climate agreements should the world community make?

The first round runs through October 31 and the final round through November 26.

In early December, the United Nations and U.S. Congress will be briefed on the winning entries.

We are raising funds in the hope of being able to pay travel expenses for one representative from each winning team to attend one or both of these briefings.

We invite you to form teams and enter the contest–learn more at

We also encourage you to fill out your profiles and add a picture, so that members of the community can get to know each other.

And please inform anyone you believe might be interested about the contest.


Rob Laubacher

The contest leads to real briefings on the hill, and there are prizes for winners. See details.