What's your favorite cognitive bias?

Business Insider has a nifty compilation of cognitive biases, extracted from wikipedia’s huge list.

It would be cool to identify the ones that involve dynamics, and identify a small conceptual model illustrating each one.

In SD, we often call these misperceptions of feedback, though one might also include failures to mentally simulate accumulation, which doesn’t require feedback. Some samples that jump to mind:

Not only the tragedy of the commons: misperceptions of feedback and policies for sustainable development

Drunker than intended: Misperceptions and information treatments

Capability traps and self-confirming attribution errors in the dynamics of process improvement

Modeling managerial behavior: Misperceptions of feedback in a dynamic decision making experiment

Explaining capacity overshoot and price war: misperceptions of feedback in competitive growth markets

Bathtub dynamics: initial results of a systems thinking inventory

What’s your favorite foible?

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