Finding SD conference papers

There’s been a lot of turbulence in the SD society web organization, which is greatly improved. One side effect is that conference proceedings have moved. The conference proceedings page now points to a dedicated subdomain.

If you want to do a dedicated search of the proceedings for papers on a particular topic, the google search syntax is now: topic

where ‘topic’ should be replaced by your terms of interest, as in stock flow

(This post was originally published in Oct. 2012; obsolete approaches have been removed for simplicity.)

3 thoughts on “Finding SD conference papers”

  1. Older methods:

    Update: the new preferred syntax appears to be: inurl:conferences bathtub dynamics

    Some change at google or the SD society site has broken the old approach for filtering searches to SD conference papers, which was* bathtub dynamics

    Now it appears that bathtub dynamics

    still works, though with a bit of noise from general SD society pages.

    For some reason, the old way still works in a google custom search:

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