AI for modeling – what (not) to do

Ali Akhavan and Mohammad Jalali have a nice new article in the SDR on the use of AI (LLMs) to complement simulation modeling.

Generative AI and simulation modeling: how should you (not) use large language models like ChatGPT

Ali Akhavan, Mohammad S. Jalali


Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, such as Large Language Models (LLMs) and chatbots like ChatGPT, hold promise for advancing simulation modeling. Despite their growing prominence and associated debates, there remains a gap in comprehending the potential of generative AI in this field and a lack of guidelines for its effective deployment. This article endeavors to bridge these gaps. We discuss the applications of ChatGPT through an example of modeling COVID-19’s impact on economic growth in the United States. However, our guidelines are generic and can be applied to a broader range of generative AI tools. Our work presents a systematic approach for integrating generative AI across the simulation research continuum, from problem articulation to insight derivation and documentation, independent of the specific simulation modeling method. We emphasize while these tools offer enhancements in refining ideas and expediting processes, they should complement rather than replace critical thinking inherent to research.

It’s loaded with useful examples of prompts and responses:

I haven’t really digested this yet, but I’m looking forward to writing about it. In the meantime, I’m very interested to hear your take in the comments.

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