The real reason the lights went out in Texas

I think TikTokers have discovered the real reason for the Texas blackouts: the feds stole the power to make snow.

Here’s the math:

The are of Texas is about 695,663 km^2. They only had to cover the settled areas, typically about 1% of land, or about 69 trillion cm^2. A 25mm snowfall over that area (i.e. about an inch), with 10% water content, would require freezing 17 trillion cubic centimeters of water. At 334 Joules per gram, that’s 5800 TeraJoules. If you spread that over a day (86400 seconds), that’s 67.2313 GigaWatts. Scale that up for 3% transmission losses, and you’d need 69.3 GW of generation at plant busbars.

Now, guess what the peak load on the grid was on the night of the 15th, just before the lights went out? 69.2 GW. Coincidence? I think not.

How did this work? Easy. They beamed the power up to the Jewish Space Laser, and used that to induce laser cooling in the atmosphere. This tells us another useful fact: Soros’ laser has almost 70 GW output – more than enough to start lots of fires in California.

And that completes the final piece of the puzzle. Why did the Texas PUC violate free market principles and intervene to raise the price of electricity? They had to, or they would have been fried by 70 GW of space-based Liberal fury.

Now you know the real reason they call leftists “snowflakes.”

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