Will the real Copenhagen agreement please stand up?

All the Copenhagen drafts circulating reminded me of this October video, in which Lord Monckton says he’s already read the treaty that most countries are going to sign. I’m actually relieved that all the frantic drafts and pointed words are just a show for the media, and that Obama and Hu Jintao really see eye to eye. Todd Stern and Su Wei are such good actors! Just think, in a week, my patrimony checks from the global climate conspiracy will start rolling in! Signing off for a bit to polish my jackboots…

Stiefel_1914 jackboots

2 thoughts on “Will the real Copenhagen agreement please stand up?”

    1. The interesting thing about the CCE is that there are no explicit costs of or restraints on reaching an agreement. Participants could simply immediately agree to cut emissions 99% by 2020. However, people bring their own rich understanding of the context to the game, and usually have a tough time negotiating substantial reductions, as in the real world.

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